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With 100 topic cards and 25 challenges each, these packs will give you even more great ways to play Sway.


All Silver Linings is perfect for those looking for more difficult topics and challenges.  You'll really have to get creative to find the silver linings in these tough topics.


No Grown Ups Allowed is classroom friendly and specially designed for ages 5 - 12.  With Easy and Not-So-Easy topics on each card, both younger and older kids will have lots of fun acting out their favorite challenges.
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This year, Silver Linings Games is donating 1$ for every game sold - including both full games and expansion packs - to The Shoe That Grows! This amazing charity helps provide shoes to children in need around the world.  The best part is that their specially designed shoes can be adjusted to grow as the child grows!  Every sale through December 31 will help us provide extra support to this noble mission.
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Sway is a hilarious, positive party game in which players go head-to-head in "debates" about totally different topics - the catch is they can only discuss the POSITIVES of those topics. To add to the fun, sometimes a challenge is thrown into the mix; things like "speak in a Southern accent" or "do yoga poses during your argument." Depending on how many people are playing, the game takes 30-60 minutes and is finished when a debater reaches the number of cards needed to win.

Sway is a simple game that helps you to see the good in all things and brings people together. It shows sides of your friends and family you've never seen. Imagine hearing your grandma discuss the positive aspects of a getting fired in her best (or worst) Scottish accent - that's what Sway is like. It’s fun and funny, but not anyone's expense (except maybe your own).

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Sway is simple to play - here are the TL;DR rules.

  • On your turn, spin to determine your debate opponent.
  • Flip over a Challenge card. Both debaters have the same Challenge for the round.
  • Flip over a Topic card. Each card has two topics, choose your preference. Flip the timer and use 30 seconds to explain the pros of your Topic, incorporating the Challenge if you want to try for extra points.
  • Now your opponent flips over another Topic card, chooses a topic, and debates its merits for 30 seconds, also completing the same challenge.
  • At any time during either debate, another player can throw down the Alternate Case card to signal that they want a shot at one of the topics.
  • Spin again to determine the judge.
  • The judge awards both cards based on whatever criteria they want and can choose to split the cards up, award them together, or not award them at all.
  • The game ends when a debater is awarded the number of cards needed to win.

 Click here for Full Rules

What's in the box?

The game consists of 500 Topics, 75 Challenge cards, and 1 Alternate Case Card, a spinner and a 30-second timer. All game elements feature original drawings by Sam Birchman, the game's artist (except the timer).

At Silver Linings Games, our mission is to facilitate joy, connection and expression through the creation and publication of original board and card games. Our games are designed to be thoughtful, positive and most of all, hilariously fun.

This all began simply enough. We were friends that loved playing games together, often getting together on weekends for food, laughs and games. We noticed a trend in party games where the humor and intelligence came from the game content rather than the players. These games also seemed to generate laughter at the expense of others with an overall negative tone. We realized that we wanted something different in a party game and that we weren't alone in that. So we put our minds together and developed a sizable list of ideas. We played around with a few concepts and prototypes that focused on humor rooted in the positive and driven by the players. After a raucous response from early play testers it was clear we were on to something. Voila! Sway was born!

It actually wasn't quite that easy. We spent over a year perfecting the game play and design elements of Sway with lots of input from players. It helped that we each bring something unique to company: Margaret has a mind for business & sales, Rachael is a natural born marketer, Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and analytics pro, and Sam is a world-class artist. Together we are Silver Linings Games!


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"[Challenge: use alliteration] What is Sway? Uh, I can attest that it's a fun game to play - an abundance of arguments, accents, and arbitration. It goes well with alcohol (or juice boxes)!" - James P. from Washington
"I love Sway, it is fun, clever and challenging without descending into insults or hurt feelings." - Jennifer C. from Colorado

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"Sway has been a welcome and much needed addition to my game shelf. It's also the first time a game has held a group's attention past 2-3 games, people just can't get enough." - Brian C. from New Jersey
"I've been Swayed! This is the smart, funny, topical game I've been waiting for! With Sway I get to showcase my powers of persuasion, as well as my own creative take on the challenges." -  Sam B. from Virginia

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